The call for projects

By 2050, urban population will account for 70% of global population, with over 6 billion individuals living in cities. The population of many megacities will exceed 10 million inhabitants. Considering their aging, increasingly urbanized population, OECD countries will face one the highest rates of premature air pollution-related deaths, due in particular to increased CO2 and fine-particle emissions in urban areas. Both many challenges and major opportunities will arise in the fields of the environment, healthcare, and wellbeing to ensure a sustainable future for cities and their inhabitants. Being able to “Breathe in the City” will thus become a major aspiration and challenge.


At the crossroads of these social trends and new technologies, the purpose is to design the products and services of tomorrow for the benefit of people wishing to better “Breathe in the City”. You have innovating ideas of services or technologies on the following topics:

  • Limiting polluting emissions in urban areas (fine particles, CO2…)
  • Measuring, mapping, and reporting on air quality
  • Processing and purifying air
  • Healthcare, follow up and support for people with respiratory disorders
  • Providing pure air while on the go
  • Innovative applications dedicated to wellbeing

Submit them and join in the “Breathe in the City” incubator launched by Air Liquide’s i-Lab and Paris Incubateurs.


You manage an innovative start-up? Your project is based on a technology, a service, or an application liable to improve our quality of life in cities? You are interested in working with the prospect of a partnership with the Air Liquide Group?

Submit your application for the new “Breathe in the City” incubation program launched by Paris Incubateurs in collaboration with the Air Liquide Group’s i-Lab.


  • Innovative companies created five years ago or less
  • Developing or being proprietary of an initial product/service offer


  • An incubation offer: offices or workstations, logistics services, support focused on business development, fund- and profile raising, access to a dedicated network.
  • Access to funds through Paris Innovation Amorçage (Ville de Paris / BPI France): subsidy up to €30K or reimbursable interest-free advance between €50K and €100K depending on the project’s degree of maturity.
  • Specific mentoring by Air Liquide aiming to foster business partnerships with the Group.