The 3 start-ups incubated


Airboxlab is a smart, communicating device dedicated to the general public’s health and wellbeing. Thanks to its embarked environmental sensors, it measures, analyzes, and enables its users to optimize indoor air quality. The product provides a constant readout of the results, as well as an interpretation, counseling, and customized predictive management interface through notifications sent to smartphones, tablets, or computers.

Airboxlab combines sensors, the internet, objects, and artificial intelligence in an innovative way, to the benefit of everyone’s quality of life. Meant to support action, this tool is based on monitoring and customized predictive analysis. It is intended for individuals suffering from pollution (curative approach), as well as for people both worried about their health and sensitive to the environment (preventive approach).



AirSerenity develops and markets an innovative technology dedicated to indoor air processing. This patented, breakthrough solution is integrated within a single consumable “cartridge-filter”, which can suppress all pollutants from indoor air with optimum efficiency over chemicals (VOC, particles, microorganisms…) without generating secondary pollutants. This quiet device has very low power consumption and operates self-sufficiently.

This solution is suitable for a variety of environments and markets: autonomous devices such as air-cleaning appliances, air handling units, and controlled mechanical ventilations. It enables to monitor airflow thanks to additional pollution sensors, in an eco-design approach. Lastly, a smartphone application provides real-time follow-up of indoor air quality.
AirSerenity offers a global solution for air quality measurement, processing, and communication.



Natural Grass NaturalGrass, specialized in the development of vegetated surfaces in urban areas, designed a solution to revegetate urban roofs and walls with the use of a patented ultra-light substrate. This solution enables to grow profuse vegetation, thus contributing to a greener city and a more breathable air.