Diya One, the robot air purifier joins the Breathe in the City incubator

The start-up Partnering Robotics, which specializes in the development of autonomous robotic solutions, joined the Breathe in the City incubator in September 2014.

Partnering Robotics designed Diya One, a robot that can analyze and purify indoor air. Equipped with artificial intelligence, this robot moves around on its own, eliminating particulate and chemical pollution. After having analyzing the composition of indoor air using integrated sensors, the Diya One robot then treats the ambient air. Ultimately, this robot should be a cost-saving solution, since it can replace the numerous air purification systems present in various spaces, while making sure users are comfortable.

Diya One is backed by an open technological platform that can integrate the innovations that come from the Breathe in the City incubator’s other start-ups. Within this incubator, Partnering Robotics will have access to the skills and experience of a seasoned mentor from the Group. Marianne Julien, head of partnerships in the R&D division, will be this mentor and will support this start-up. Marianne brings her knowledge of the Group’s business and its internal network to develop lines of cooperation and initiate the experimental phase.

Ramesh Caussy, founder of Partnering Robotics, says: “I am delighted by our collaboration with the Air Liquide i-Lab. It is important that Partnering Robotics and its robot, Diya One, integrate the Breathe in the City incubator in a context where air quality is a significant societal issue. Together, we will experiment with different approaches and then propose disruptive solutions. In addition, the support of the Air Liquide i-Lab will allow us to structure and accelerate the development of our start-up.”