Air Liquide Welding and i-Lab present together at the Paris Maker Faire

On April 30 and May 1 at the Paris Expo, Air Liquide Welding and the i-Lab shared a booth at the Paris Maker Faire, featuring a welding animation under the Creative Oxygen Air Liquide banner. The Maker Faire is a celebration of science, a popular fair, and a worldwide recognized event for innovation.

Under the supervision of Romain Reveilhac,a welder/artist and Air Liquide Welding experts, visitors to the Paris Maker Faire had the opportunity to weld a collective sculpture. This animation was a great success. The arc welding shop attracted a steady stream of visitors over two days for 10-minute demonstrations. The 90 participants, aged 13 to 80, some of whom were apprehensive at the start, came away delighted with their experience. They were all able to weld using the Group’s gases and equipments, safely and happily. Impressed with the animation, Sherry Huss, co-founder of Maker Faire, awarded a “Maker of Merit” to the Air Liquide team.

Thanks to its participation in this event, Air Liquide, a founding player in the world of manufacturing, will be able to better understand the activities and expectations of Makers. For the i-Lab, inspired by the methods of this community, and for Air Liquide Welding, the Makers movement offers a wonderful playground for imagining new solutions that could extend the creative palette of Makers.